For pyrographers, having a wide variety of woodburning tips is just as important as a painter having a collection of paint brushes. Each tip serves a different purpose and allows you to create beautiful effects, strokes, and fill-ins. At Long Island Woodworking Supply, we are happy to provide both novice and expert pyrographers with the tips they need.

Below, you will find our collection of Colwood replaceable wood burning tips. These tips are compatible with all Colwood wood burners and control units and can be swapped out using a special tip puller.

When it is time to swap out your Colwood tip, simply use the tip puller to remove the current tip and insert the new tip into the same handle. Colwood’s tips require no contact with the wires, which results in a long-lasting tip that is less susceptible to corrosion than other brands.

If you are using Colwood replaceable tips, you will need a Colwood Replaceable Tip Handle. These pens feature a cork collar which allows you to hold the wood burning pen closer to the tip without burning yourself, resulting in more control of your movements. Because these are so affordable, we recommend having a backup just in case an issue occurs with your original pen.

Are you looking for fixed wood burning tips? We have those, too!

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